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Website Background

A Lifestyle Blog was launched in December 2017 for lifestyle enthusiasts; it allows me to share my passion(s) with others. Here, I want to discuss all things lifestyle and occasionally focus on subjects that I don’t think are highlighted enough in wider society. I hope that this site can one day grow into a larger community of readers who are looking to widen their understanding of others’ experiences, in particular.

If you’re a lover of anything lifestyle, or you’re looking for blogging tips or advice on a range of issues, then you’re in the right place! There is a post for everyone so make sure to have a look around.

I will be posting every Monday and Friday, so come back soon to catch up on the latest content.

About the Author

I decided to publish A Lifestyle Blog in the hopes of creating an engaged online audience and to share whatever is on my mind.

I live in the South of England with my family – including my three small dogs and two cats. I’m a lover of Netflix and all things chocolatey; I also hope to one day travel to different parts of Europe.

If you have any ideas on what you would like me to post then contact me here, or via Instagram. I want to make this website geared towards you, so don’t be afraid to send me your suggestions!