Eco-Friendly Thank You Gifts

Has someone really stepped up to give you a hand recentlyDo you want to show a special someone how much you appreciate what they have done for you? 

When a simple thank you or even a nice note just isn’t enough, take a look at these gorgeous gifts for inspiration. Even better, these goodies are ecologically responsible too; allowing you to gift the world without harming it.   

Responsibly sourced flowers 

A bouquet of gorgeously fresh thank you flowers delivered directly to the person you are thanking makes a lovely gift. When choosing the flowers, work with reputable florists who understand the importance of responsible sourcing. We always favour companies who use in season flowers. Not only do in season options mean a smaller carbon footprint in getting them from field to front room, but they will look spectacular too.   

Reusable coffee cup 

Help make a dent in the 2.5 billion coffee cups that are thrown away each year in the UK by gifting a reusable one to say thank you. For the friend who is always on the go, consider a collapsible one. These versatile puppies can stay tucked away in a bag till they are needed. For a stylish thank you, gift opt for a sturdy glass cup with a silicone or cork holder.   

Charity gift  

Looking for a gift that wont hurt the planet but will impact lives? Many charities now offer you the chance to buy items or supplies for people in need. World Vison give you the chance to buy life changing items like water purification tablets for families in need. Vegetable seeds and catch up lessons are also available. Similarly, donations to UNICEF can be used to send school books, malaria treatments and vaccinations to where they are needed most. 

Shampoo/body wash bars 

Fancy toiletries can be an easy go to for thank you gifts. If the thought of the plastic bottles they traditionally come in makes you shudder, you are not alone. Make this an eco-friendly gift by looking for solid shampoo and shower gel bars.  As they aren’t liquid, they make great gift for frequent flyers who may worry about liquid allowances or unexpected spills.  

Reusable shopping bag 

We love practical gifts that can be used in every day life. Nothing fits this bill quite like a reusable shopping bag. Gift one that can fold up or pack away with ease for extra brownie points. To make it a truly memorable gift, why not have a personalised one made. We especially love the idea of featuring a photo of your doggo or cat if it is thank you for a spot of pet sitting.   

Beeswax reusable food wrap 

A perfect thank you gift for the foodies in your life is this super sustainable Beeswax Food wrap. Organic cotton is imbued with natural bees wax to make a reusable cloth covering that can replace tinfoil and clingfilm for many different kitchen uses. Featuring a variety of funky patterns and different sizes, you will have lots of options to choose from.  

Plantable card 

The most important part of a thank you gift is telling the person receiving it exactly how appreciative you are. When sending a thank you note, choose one that is as equally eco-friendly as your gift. We love these plantable cards that have flower seeds embedded in the paper. Completely biodegradable, they can be planted to grow gorgeous flowers as a long lasting reminder of your gratitude. 

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