Why You Aren’t as Successful as You Want to Be

born to sparkle inspirational notebook from NewlookWhenever I ask myself why I’m not getting the results I want, I can always chalk it up to one of a few things. I’ve only gone and listed what those things are in this post because why not? If it can help someone, then great. If not, well…

So, if you want to know why you aren’t as successful as you want to be, ask yourself if it’s because of any of the following:

  • You’re used to succeeding. Hear me out. If you were bright at school, for example, and got good grades fairly easily, or if you’ve always been naturally good at a lot of things, you’re potentially used to succeeding without putting in much effort. While this is great, it could lead you to assume that you’ll be successful at whatever you want to be, which obviously isn’t true. While you might be good, no one is great at everything.At school, I was really mostly got A’s and while I put the work, some of it was just down to being quick to understand the work. So, as a result, I think I sometimes underestimate the amount of work that I actually need to put in to get the results I want. Do you do this?
  • You want it all too soon. I am the queen of wanting everything now. No exceptions. I hate waiting for anything, it doesn’t matter what it is. Sometimes, I delude myself into believing that something will happen way sooner than it probably will, because I hate the idea of waiting that much. It could be that your goals are unrealistic and that it will take a lot longer to complete your goals than you’ve made yourself believe.
  • You’re not asking for help. A lot of us like to think that we can do everything ourselves, when it isn’t true. Could it be that you’re doing too much on your own and aren’t asking for help? Is there anyone who you could share your workload with?
  • You haven’t put enough time into it. This is similar to one of the previous points. If you’re not putting in the time to complete the tasks, then you’re not going to get anywhere. For example, if you want to have an engaged blog audience but you’re only posting once every two weeks, it’s safe to say that you’re not spending enough time writing and posting new content.
  • You haven’t done your research. This won’t apply to everything. If it does, have you spent enough time researching what it is that you need to do, and what the best way to go about it is? For example, if you want to reach a goal of 100,000 monthly page views on your blog, have you spent some time learning about what other successful bloggers have done to achieve that goal?

So those are five things that might be contributing to why you aren’t as successful as you want to be. Let me know if this has been of any help! Also, if you have any more points please comment them below.

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  • ɐllǝq

    This post is so inspiring, loved it! xx bella


  • All very true! Patience is a must when it comes to success, as is hard work and research! x http://www.justsavxnnah.com

    • I couldn’t agree more! Hope you have a lovely 2018 x

  • Some amazing points here!

    You’re right, if you want to be successful, you got to put in the hours and research to achieve what you want!

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk/

    • Completely agree! Thank you for taking a read! xx

  • this post is like a perfectly written little kick up the backside to get going and work harder! it’s so so simple yet so true, especially “you’re probably not suceeding because you’re not putting enough time into it.” that’s really resonated with me!

    wishing you all the best for 2018, lovely!

    katie. xx lacoconoire.com

    • Haha, I’m glad you enjoyed it and thank you! Yeah, I had that problem with my first blog. I gave up on it way too soon when really I should have put more time and effort into it and just kept going. I hope you have a lovely 2018, too! xxx

  • Courtney Hardy

    I totally agree with you. I don’t have as much success as I want right now because I have not done much research or invested.

    • Aw, well I hope things improve for you! Maybe start with doing one thing a day towards your goal? It all adds up! Thanks for taking a read 🙂

  • Lydia C. Samson

    You hit it right on with this one! I think I do ALL of these and then can’t figure out why I am not as successful as I want to be. Great reminders!

    • Thank you so much! See, I’m almost always not doing one of these things – mostly putting in the time, haha. 😀 But, it’s true that there are plenty of other factors that go into whether or not you’re successful, for definite!

  • Jennifer Lauren

    Ouch! 🙈 Yes, these are spot on. I also am impatient and hate putting in the time and effort it takes to get what I want. Being aware of what our weaknesses are instead of making excuses is a step in the right direction though. Great post!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed! I also think that there are many factors that go into whether or not you will be successful, so I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself if it doesn’t work out. Although, time and effort are definitely needed for almost any venture (I’m terrible at this too!). Thanks for reading!

  • Ashley Spang-GrowingSpangs.com

    I agree with you, and are totally guilty of not delegating. As a perfectionist that thrives under pressure. I am very used to burnout…which is the opposite of succeeding. Great reflection, thanks!

    • Thanks for reading! I wish I had that level of commitment! Yeah, it is good to have breaks so that you don’t exhaust yourself. 🙂


    I love this! Everything you’ve mentioned I’ve experienced in some way, shape or form. However… my biggest issue right now, is not having the confidence to just go for what I want. x


    • Thank you so much! Yeah, I usually give up too soon and don’t invest enough time in a project! Aw, you should go for it! I’m sure it will be well worth it x

  • Michelle Louise Love

    Some good points, I hate asking people for help. I feel like I’m bothering them, and don’t want people to feel like they can’t say no.


  • So true!! I hate asking for help with a passion, love giving the impression that I have everything under control and I can do it all…. But then I find myself juggling too many things and losing control… I catch myself doing this more often and try to reach out to someone I trust, but I think for many people it’s such an ingrained thing they don’t even realize they’re doing it

  • Michelle Gil Santini

    Agree, I’m pretty stubborn on asking for help in general and I believe I need to be less stubborn and low down my ego self to remind myself that it’s okay to ask for help. Love the post!
    Michelle| http://www.brokebutflawless.com

  • These are such good points. Mine is mostly confidence and not feeling good enough. But there are some amazing bloggers out there that support other bloggers. That’s what the blogging community needs!
    |Luke| http://www.lukeheywoodstyle.co.uk

  • Sarah Ⓥ

    I am definitely guilty of the first two! School was always fairly easy for me, I did study but I always got good grades so now I need to get used to everything being so much harder and I need to work 10 times harder to get something (which I do, just takes adjusting). And I definitely catch myself on wanting everything too soon!! But still, even though I know these things, it’s easier to spot than to do something about them!


  • I’m very guilty of the first one! I was one of those people in school who was used to doing well in coursework and exams with minimal work.
    Then I went to uni, and didn’t get the marks I was used to and it made me feel horrid! Now I’ve learnt to work so much harder on everything.
    Love the post!

    Love Bronagh, xo

  • The Sunday Mode

    This was a really thoughtful post and like a bit of truth serum for me. Especially the part about not wanting to wait for things and so you expect things to happen really fast then get frustrated when they don’t, that’s me!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode