My Christmas Wishlist for 2017 (Last Minute Gift Ideas)

My Christmas Wishlist Inecto vegan coconut body scrub flatlay

I’m going to be honest and say that around this time of year – and when it’s my birthday – I sometimes wish that I were rich. That way, I wouldn’t have to prioritise what I’d like for Christmas, and I wouldn’t have to make a list because I could just buy it all.

First world problems, I know. I hear you.

The thing is, even though I can think up a million different things to ask for when I’m actually asked what I want for Christmas I can’t come up with much. This Christmas wishlist is as much for me as it is for you. If you’re stuck on ideas of what to get someone or you have no idea what to ask for, maybe this can give you some inspiration:


  • A new camera. This is on the top of my list because my phone camera is absolutely rubbish. I need a better-quality camera to take decent pictures for Instagram and for my blog, so I’m thinking of asking for money towards either a Samsung Galaxy S7 or the Olympus Pen E-PL7.


  • Chocolates and treats. As a family, we are big on food. Particularly, junk food. I’ve recently turned vegan so I’m going to ask for some sweet treats this Christmas, so I don’t miss out.


  • Black boots. For a while now, I’ve been wanting some stylish black boots with a thick heel. I had some during sixth form although the heels were quite thin, so I found them a bit difficult to walk in. But, they made my legs look longer and they were really nice to look at, so I want some more. There’s a pair of Madison block heel boots on Boohoo that are stunning.


  • Warm jumpers. I have a habit of buying tops that are cropped or tops that reveal your shoulders, so most of my clothes aren’t that warm. I’ve bought a few jumpers online, but a few more wouldn’t hurt.


  • High waist skinny jeans. I tend to buy high waist leggings or jeggings in favour of jeans because they’re cheaper and comfier. Although, I have been eyeing up a couple pairs of skinny jeans such as this pair from Boohoo. The problem is, if I see anything that’s over £20-£25, my tight-arse-a-ritus kicks in and I try to find a cheaper alternative. These jeans were no exception, although they’re not badly priced.


  • New handbag. I’m not someone who has a lot of handbags, but mine are almost in tats and I need a new one. This one is cute, although I think it might be made of leather. If it is, I’ll need to find an alternative.


  • Winter coat. Again, I don’t have many coats but the couple that I do have, I’ve had for years so I need a replacement. I haven’t really looked around for one yet, but when I do I have to make sure that it’s thick and will actually keep me warm (one of my coats is much thinner and not that great).


  • Alton Towers tickets. Earlier in the year, I went with the family to Drayton Manor. It was good, but it was a bit small. I remember Alton Towers being larger (and with bigger rides) so I really want to go. I’m not even sure if you can book Alton Towers tickets a few months in advance, but it’s a nice idea.


  • Boohoo gift voucher. I absolutely love Boohoo, as you can probably tell. In all honesty, I probably get 90% of my clothes from this online retailer because their stuff is nice and it’s also affordable.


So, that’s my Christmas wishlist for 2017. It would probably be a lot longer if I could be bothered to have a proper sit-down and think. Although, I’m only going to ask for some money towards a new camera this Christmas because they’re expensive af. Also, I’m not rich.

What are you hoping to get for Christmas?

Happy holidays!

  • Tracy Iglesias

    I want to upgrade to a new DSLR. I am thinking of going mirrorless like all the cool kids! My blog photos are great now but they can always be that much better! I attended the Photo Expo in New York City and came back all revved up to improve my photography!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    • Ooh, sounds good! I’m not very good with tech so I’m staying well away from DSLRs and just sticking with my phone! I bet your photography skills are awesome, I’ll have to have a look 🙂

      • Tracy Iglesias

        I started with cameras when there were still darkrooms! I miss developing my own photos actually! 🙂