Three Things I Regret & Three Things I Don’t

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In my short life, I’ve done a lot of stupid things. As have we all at some point, no doubt. Some of those things I regret and some of them I don’t. Luckily for me, a lot of the ridiculous things I’ve done I probably don’t remember. But I’m about to share some that I do remember for all of you readers.

So, here are three things I regret and three things I don’t:

What I regret

Some of the stupid things I’ve said. I have a very sharp tongue. To be honest, I’ve said some horrible things in my time. Things I’m not proud of. I won’t be giving any examples because I’m too ashamed. Yeah, they’re that bad.

Taking out my nose piercing. Well, I kind of regret this. I’ve had two nose piercings – both times I was given grief as a result. By the time I came around to taking my second piercing out I was just sick of it and wanted it gone. Although, I’m still annoyed that they couldn’t have just healed. I always hate it when I see other people with nose piercings, I get a bit envious.

Going to university. This is another thing that I kind of regret. Thankfully, I don’t have a long list of things that I regret doing – probably because I’m not really a risk taker. I’d actually completed the first year of my English Literature and Creative Writing degree (and finished with a 2:1 – woo!). While that’s good to put on my CV, I suppose, it was a waste of time. I hated it from start to finish. It was just something I did because everyone else was going to uni and I didn’t want to go out into the real world just yet.

What I don’t regret

Sending a message to the dude I fancied. I’ll be talking about this in a bit more depth another time (although there’s not really much to say). I don’t regret it because it was better to be rejected than to ask, ‘what if?’. Yeah, I was a shitty person for even messaging him in the first place, but I did it anyway.

Relaxing my hair. I’ll be talking about how I struggle to embrace my natural hair as a woman of colour another time, but basically, that’s why I relax my hair. I can’t deal with the texture and I prefer it when my curls are much looser. Despite this, I don’t regret doing it. Yeah, the reason as to why I relax my hair might be a bit fucked, but it’s just easier for me to do it.

Leaving my old groups of friends behind. I’m a pro at this. In fact, I’m probably too good. To be honest, I’ve always struggled with friendships and with maintaining them. For some reason, I’ve always seemed to feel left out. It didn’t matter who I was with. When it got to the point that I didn’t want to deal with it anymore, I just left them. This was much easier to do because I was in my second year of college and no one really cared if you were a loner at that point (unlike in high school). I didn’t regret it then and I definitely don’t regret it now. I had emotionally detached myself from them long before I left them behind, I think. When it came to it, it was quite easy to do.

So, that’s three things I regret and three things I don’t.

Do you have any regrets? If not, have you ever done something that you’re glad to have gone through with?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  • I think life is what we make of it and even the things we think were a waste of time they probably helped shape your future in some way! You did great and uni and whilst you didn’t enjoy it, you’ve not only got a great result for your cv but your degree has probably helped with your blogging and least you’ve ended up doing something based on your degree! My degree is in Film & tv and I work as an auditor in the property industry! Go figure! 🙂
    Jaz xoxo

    • That’s a good way of looking at it, actually! Yeah, I’m glad I can add that I completed one year to my CV – it definitely makes me feel more accomplished. And yeah, it helped me to realise what I definitely want to be doing and what I really don’t, so that’s good. Wow! Well, at least you have a broader set of qualifications/experience! That’s got to be really handy 😀 Thank you for taking a read xxx